7 Benefits of Private Boarding Schools

In the past, boarding schools were generally reserved for those who could afford them or whose parents wished to give their children a better education. Today, however, as more and more parents look to private boarding schools as a way to provide an excellent education with a cost that won’t break the family budget, this trend is changing.

What follows are 7 benefits to be gained by sending kids to private boarding schools:

1. Private Boarding Schools Offer A Better Education

While it may seem counterintuitive, the truth is that children who attend private boarding schools tend to perform better than their public school counterparts in both academics and extracurricular activities. The reason behind this isn’t clear but it’s thought that the atmosphere of support and individualized attention found in private boarding schools plays a role.

2. Private Boarding Schools Offer A Variety Of Curriculum Options

In theory, every school should offer an excellent education to its students. In reality, however, this isn’t always the case. The good news is that parents who send their children to private boarding schools don’t have to worry about these problems. Thanks to the wide variety of curriculum types offered by private boarding schools, students are free to explore courses that interest them while receiving the help they need in areas where they struggle.

3. Private Boarding Schools Offer More Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

While AP courses are growing in popularity, the truth is that funding for these courses has eroded in recent years. This means that students who wish to take AP courses, but whose school doesn’t offer them, may not be able to take advantage of this type of curriculum. Fortunately, private boarding schools are more likely than public schools to provide students with access to AP classes.

4. Private Boarding Schools Offer Small Class Sizes

One of the main reasons that many parents turn to private boarding schools as a way to better their children’s education is that such schools tend to offer smaller class sizes than those found at public boarding schools. Smaller classes mean more attention for students and this, in turn, often leads to higher grades and test scores.

5. Private Boarding Schools Offer Personal Attention To Students

Part of what makes private boarding schools so attractive to many parents is the amount of personal attention they offer. Despite having fewer students than public boarding schools, private boarding school teachers tend to get to know their students better and this often leads to stronger relationships. As a result, such personal connections can help students to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

6. Private Boarding Schools Offer The Freedom To Explore Outside Interests

In addition to offering a strong education, private boarding schools give their students the freedom to explore interests outside of academics. In many ways, this can be a huge benefit as it allows students to find an activity that they’re passionate about and excel at it. This, of course, can help students both in their futures and on paper as such achievements look very good on applications for colleges and universities.

7. Private Boarding Schools Offer An Atmosphere Of Support And Community

Finally, private boarding schools tend to offer an atmosphere that is supportive and inclusive. While this isn’t the case in every private boarding school, such an environment can be a huge benefit for students who may struggle with grades and test scores. By working together and lending support to one another, the entire community is stronger which, in turn, can help each student improve both personally and academically.

Final Thoughts

After learning about the benefits of private boarding schools, parents may wonder whether or not such schools are worth it. While this is a complex question that requires parents to look at specific factors, in many ways, private boarding schools offer an excellent alternative to public boarding schools. As long as students are careful to choose the appropriate school for them, they should be able to find an excellent education that helps them to prepare for the future.