Bathroom floor tiles

When it comes to bathroom tiles, options come in handy. It is important however to note that not all tiles are best for the bathroom or wet floors. Choice of bathroom tiles is a sensitive matter that needs to be carefully considered. An important factor in regards to the same is virtuosity. It is the tile’s capability to absorb water. A vitreous tile is the most ideal for spots prone to splashing like bathroom spaces. Non-vitreous are the opposite and are perfect for accent areas. Bathroom floor tiles should have a high coefficient of friction, to prevent slipping, You certainly don’t want a tragedy in your bathroom.


As I said before, there are quite some different tiles in the market today. I will mention a few

Ceramic or porcelain

They are created from a mixture of clays that are pressed into shape and fired in a kiln with high temperatures. They can be ideal for the bathroom when they are glazed. Different colors, patterns, shapes and sizes of the same are widely available. A creative fusion of high-resolution digital images on the surface makes them as unique.

Natural stone

They are rough and imperfect, a factor that makes them not uncommon with bathroom floor decorators. They are also water impervious and need a waterproof membrane to withstand the moisture conditions of your bathroom


It is a natural stone made from limestone which is crushed and heated in the earth surface. They can be highly polished and veined to add exciting colors to your bathroom.


Granite is another example of a tile that comes in many colors and textures. It is harder than other natural stones and is perfect for big families


Is it a non-vitreous tile with an excellent record of durability? Depending on the one handling them, they can achieve a rough or a smooth finish. others include Saltillo, slate, quarry, travertine, and terra-cotta

Bathroom tiles benefits

Bathroom floor tiling has enormous benefits for instance

·         Tiles increase the durability of your floor.A resilient floor will last for generations

·         Bathroom tiles offer a  variety of options, some customizable. As you have seen in this article, some designs can be tailored to your preferred model. Most of us prefer wood on our floors but for obvious reasons, can’t be put them in our bathrooms, that’s where wood looking tiles come in.

·         Require less maintenance. If the tiles are glazed, minimal maintenance is needed. It can also withstand water, spills, and accidents

Working with a specialist in flooring business will ensure your flooring space is turned into a reality.