Benefits of Breath rate monitor

Breath rate monitor is a device that uses your breath to tell your heart rate. It is used in some sports such as cycling and fitness to measure exercise intensity and training zones.

Benefits of Breath rate monitor

  1. Portable and accurate

This device can be used anywhere, anytime because it is portable and accurate. It doesn’t require a lot of space to use. In addition, users don’t need to do any complicated processes for this device to work.

  1. Easy to set-up

You will not encounter difficulties when you want to set up the breath rate monitor. There’s no gadget or tool needed in order to make it functional. You just have to breathe into the sleeve every time you want your heart rate measured which means that there is no preparation process needed too.

  1. Legality

Legally speaking, Breath rate monitor is allowed by sports bodies such as the IOC and WADA as long as athletes calibrate their monitors before using them during competition as stated on the WADA Web site.

  1. No distraction

Athletes can easily concentrate on their sport because this device doesn’t cause any distractions. It is considered as a great tool for training and athletic performance. Moreover, it gives you accurate results so you know if your body’s in its best condition to achieve the best results and prevent injuries.

  1. Accurate measurement of heart rate during exercise

This device allows athletes to measure their heart rate even during physical activity such as running, cycling or weightlifting. You just need to breathe into the sleeve that comes with the package every time you want your heart rate measured which means that there’s no preparation process needed at all.

  1. Provide other useful information about your fitness level

Breath rate monitor provides helpful information about other important information about your fitness level. These information includes maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max), respiratory exchange ratio (RER) and carbon dioxide production (VCO2).

  1. Affordable Compared to other heart rate monitor which costs around $100, Breath rate monitor is affordable. It only cost around $10-$15.
  2. Uses technology that’s easy to understand This device uses a basic technology which athletes can easily understand how it works even if they don’t have any background in medicine or any medical related fields of work which means that users won’t get bored because the test results are easy to comprehend and read properly.
  3. No pain involved

The test doesn’t involve needles or injections so there isn’t any pain during process, only discomfort.

  1. Test results can be used as a reference to judge your current state of fitness and health

You don’t need to do another test again with this device because the result is saved in its memory which can be used as a data for future references whether you want to know if your condition improved or not.

While there are many benefits of using breath rate monitor, it has some downsides too.

  1. Expensive

This device is considered as an expensive device because its price ranges from $20 to more than $100 depending on the brand and features that you want in your monitor.

  1. Accuracy issues

Breath rate monitors have problems when it comes to accuracy especially when it comes to carbon monoxide levels which mean that the results may not be accurate enough for use during sports events such as cycling and running.