Boarding School Rooms

What should your child’s boarding school room be like? Taking your child to boarding school is a stressful event and you will no doubt worry. To ease your mind you will want to talk to his or her teachers and other staff, but have you thought of looking at the boarding school rooms? Many parents will be happy to see classrooms and office blocks but simply assume that the boarding quarters will be decent. You shouldn’t take anything for granted. Make sure you look at where your child will sleep every night and where they will spend time after class. What should you be looking for?
•    The most important thing is supervision – you want your child to be supervised when they are in the boarding quarters just as they are when they are in class. A good boarding school will ensure that there is a trained and experienced adult in every dorm room who knows every student. This adult is in charge of making sure that every student is well behaved when they are in the boarding quarters and that they get to bed on time and wake up on time.
•    A good boarding house has extracurricular activities that students can engage in before they go to bed. They will be able to watch TV and play indoor sports for a hour or so every night.
•    Make sure that there are proper hygiene standards for your child. The sleeping quarters should be clean as should be the showers and the bathrooms. Your child should take a shower each day and doing laundry should be easy.
The Cambridge Centre for Sixth Form Studies offers all these things and more. Your child will be happy living in the dorms and if they have any problems there is an adult that they can talk to. You can find out more on