Box Sash Windows

The look and character of your Cambridgeshire home can hinge on the condition of its box sash windows. If you want your property to retain its period charm it is important to take good care of its windows. More importantly, replacing box sash windows is expensive, and if you take care of yours it will be many years before you have to think about the cost of replacement. Here are some tips to keep your windows looking great:
•    Paint your windows before winter. The extra moisture in the air during winter months causes windows to swell, and this can make them get stuck. Inspect your windows before winter and if there are areas where the paint is thinning paint them over.
•    Keep the sliding parts in good condition. You should use a silicon based lubricant as it doesn’t attract dust. Beeswax polish also works nicely.
•    Replace broken worn out cords as they get in the way of opening your windows.
•    Over time the draft-proofing seals get loose and fall off. This will leave your home drafty and you will pay more in utilities as you will need more power to heat your home. Inspect your windows once a year and if any draft proofing has come loose it should be replaced.
•    Buy a good glass cleaner to clean panes – if you use just any cleaner it may damage the paint.
•    One drawback of box sash windows is that they are single paned. This will also increase your power bills. If you haven’t updated yours to double glazing it is high time that you did.
Lastly, make sure that you work with an experienced box sash window repair company such as salmons Bros. Limited – they will help you keep your windows in excellent condition.