Different Types of Mobile Healthcare

What is Mobile Healthcare?
We no longer live in the olden days when there was no access to healthcare and medical assistance. In the recent few years, development in the mobile industry has changed our approach and vision. There are several Mobile healthcare apps available online. Some people have a question on their mind “What is Mobile Healthcare?” Healthcare mobile apps have made a new way of tracking footsteps, weight loss, mood problems, sleep problems, diabetes, asthma, etc. With the only touch, many healthcare apps can give us instant solutions. According to a recent study and research, people who use healthcare apps in their Smartphone are more likely to solve their disease-related problem on their own than those who don’t access to these mobile healthcare apps.
There are several health-related apps on the Appstore or Google Play Store. Below are some of the different categories of health apps.
Diet Tracker
It is the most important app and is placed at 1st position among the other mobile healthcare apps. It helps women around the world to make them fit and healthy and is very helpful in the management of daily nutrition counting. It can be great for people who want a sound body.
Exercise Apps
These apps guide users through several step-by-step exercises, including basic crunches, oblique crunches, cross-body crunches, sit-ups, planks, hip drops, and mountain climbers. Depending on the users’ fitness level, they can adjust the level of difficulty, or be a part of the Six Pack Plan in 10 weeks.
Smoke-Free Apps
Smoking is a harmful habit and it is of no surprise that many people give up this bad habit. There are apps available that help people to quit smoking by showing them the money they have saved by quitting, how much cigarettes and tar they have avoided and how many regenerative steps their body has made since they have stopped smoking.
First Aid Apps
These apps contain safety information (that runs without an internet connection), safety tips that will be helpful in disasters such as severe weather situations (like hurricanes, winter storms) and earthquakes. Some of the apps are provided with videos that can be helpful when dealing with the disaster. For example, when dealing with an earthquake, one should hide under the table so that no concrete falls on you.
Symptom Checker Apps
These apps allow the user to choose the symptoms they are feeling and see the potential health issues they have. The app then makes the user go through the consultation’ in which the symptom checker app will ask the user several questions to identify the symptom more specifically, when it started and whether any other symptoms is accompanying it. After the consultation session, the user can enter the name of the medications that he is taking. When users are done with entering information, the app provides a list of potential problems.
These above mentioned apps are some of the most important categories of mobile healthcare apps. However, there are many other categories of healthcare apps too available online.