Girls Boarding Schools

England is well known for its top quality girls boarding schools. As a foreign parent who wants to take advantage of them you need to make sure that you are getting the best one for your child – they will be far away from home and you want to ensure that they are properly situated. As you research schools there are several things that you should look into:

• Look into how well the school does when it comes to sending kids off to university – how many of them are able to qualify the first time around? The reason why you are sending your child to study in England in the first place is so that you can maximize their chances of getting into a top university.

• What kind of support does the school provide for students, especially those from other countries? Do they make them feel wanted? Do students have someone that they can talk to in case there are problems? Can children call home in case they need to? These may seem like small matters but they are important when you consider that your child will be so far away from home.

• Find out what the living arrangements are. Not all boarding schools have dormitories within the grounds and you may have to find accommodations for your child elsewhere. If this is the case make sure that you take care of transportation, accommodation and meals.

• Find out if your child will need to take any special tests to get in – in many schools this is a requirement. Make sure that they are properly prepared.

St. Francis College in Hertfordshire is one school that you can trust to take care of your child. They welcome children from all countries and from all religious backgrounds, and they have an excellent curriculum. You can find out how to enrol your child on their website,