Mezzarbarba trinity

Custom transformers by Onori and six 12AX7 preamp tubes form the basis of the Mezzabarba Trinity amp head. Clean, Drive, and Overdrive are all labeled on the front panel of the pedal, while the FX Loop may be accessed by pressing the FX button. In total, there are 128 presets with 48 settings each. As a result of the head’s three channels each having their own set of controls, it’s extremely adaptable. There are two ways to use the valve-driven effects loop: serial or parallel.

Features of Mezzabarba trinity

• Three channels: clean, drive, and overdrive, may produce a total of 24 different tones. There are 128 presets and 48 parameters to play with. Every channel has the following effects: Boost, Bright, Dual Master, and FX Loop.

• For amplification, the gain is (Ch.1), the bass is (Ch.2), the middle is a (Ch.3), volume 1 is (Ch.2), and overdrive (Ch.3) is (Ch.3).

• Master 1 and Master 2 control the amp’s overtones, followed by Presence, Feedback, and Depth. Looping a tube effect serially or parallelly.

• Intuitive programming, PC, and CC functionalities. A total of 128 presets.

• USB interface with Midi In/Thru/Out.

• Onori’s custom-built Transformers are the stuff of legend.

• Tubes used in the preamplifier: six 12AX7s.

• 100 watts from four EL34 power tubes.

• USB programmers and SysEx Midi Footswitches are two options for customizing the device.

• 62 x 24 x 24 h cm in size.

• Weight: 19 kilos (44 pounds).

Rear panel

Additionally, the Trinity features MIDI in and USB out, so you may use it to connect to other devices. It has controls for Presence, Feedback, and Depth, as well as controls for the two master outputs, on the back panel.

Mezzabarba unveil its trinity

Italy’s Farnese (February 8, 2019) 100% pure guitar tone in a 3-channel, modern MIDI-controllable amp — that’s 100 watts. From crystal-clear to traditional punchy crunch to high gain bliss, this amp is all about current sounds. Now you can get the finest of the MZero and Z Series amps in a single amp that covers all of Mezzabarba’s great tones.

One of the company’s newer 3-channel designs incorporates popular features from older versions.

Channel 1

With this channel, we’ve found the right middle ground between our Z Series and MZero. In addition to a beautiful, true clean sound, it also creates harmonic overtones that are to die for. American/British style crunch with loads of dynamism and punch can be achieved with the boost engaged.

Channel 2

The channel’s rapid-fire dynamism is what shines out. You may get everything from a “bitey” light distortion to that much sought-after vintage, harmonically rich crunch à la AC/DC, to a devastating hot-rodded tone with the boost activated on this channel.

Channel 3

It can only be described as hot, defined, and bally. A disturbing, harmonic-drenched distortion that flows like water. This channel has a boost switch that allows you to choose between two different voicings, one for Rhythm definition and the other for the smoothest and fullest Solo portions. Distortion nirvana awaits on the 3rd channel. Dedicated to the sounds of today, from a crisp, clean Clean to a punchy, classic Crunch to High Gain Nirvana.