Sash Window Repair

The sash windows in your Cambridgeshire home are looking worn and you don’t have money to have them replaced. Do not despair – if you look carefully you can find a sash window repair specialist who can get them to look like new again. Here are some tips to guide you:

• Make sure that you choose a sash repair company that has a good reputation and is renowned for doing top notch work. You should ask them to give you at least 3 references. Make sure that you hire a company that is a member of the British Woodworking Federation.

• Does the person you are talking to sound like they understand what the job entails? Are they knowledgeable enough to talk you through the process? You don’t want to hire someone who is making it up as they go along.

• Make sure that they are using quality products to undertake repairs. There are some sash window repair companies that cut costs by buying cheap products. If you hire a company like this you can be sure that their repairs will not last very long.

• It helps if you understand what the job is. This way not only do you know exactly what you are paying for, you will also know whether they are doing the job right. There are many websites that go into the basics of sash window repair.

• Find out whether the company that you have in mind has any creative ideas that they can apply to your windows – you may find that they can give your home a brand new look!

One company that can do this for you is Salmon Bros. Limited. They have lots of experience and they work fast to ensure that your windows are in good working order once more. You can find out more on their website,