Sash windows prices

Sash Windows Prices: How Much Do These Windows Cost?
If you have been thinking of installing sash windows in your home, or if you have ever thought of replacing your existing sash windows, you have certainly been wondering how much do these window cost. Whereas there are no definite sash windows prices, there are a couple of things that can influence the prices of these windows.
Material used
Ideally, traditional sash windows are less costly since they are made from timber, which is not just affordable but readily available. On the other hand, modern sash windows are more costly since they are made from UPVC material. The more costly the materials used to make sash windows are, the more expensive those windows are.
Number of opening sashes
Large windows have several opening sashes, unlike small sash windows that have just a couple of sashes. Therefore, large windows with several sashes cost more than their smaller counterparts with only a couple of sashes.
Color and surface finish options
Ideally, colored UPVC sash windows are costly in comparison to their traditional counterparts, which in most cases are available in fewer colors. Again, the fact UPVC and other modern sash windows have superb finishing which makes them a more costly option than the average sash windows.
The actual size of the window
Large sash windows are costlier than small sash windows. This is clearly because manufacturing large sash windows requires plenty of materials, hence making the overall cost of large windows high. On the other hand, smaller sash windows require fewer materials, thus making them less expensive in comparison to their large counterparts.
Even though it is nearly impossible to give specific sash window prices, looking at some of these factors that significantly determine the cost of these windows can help you get an idea of the amount of money you will need to spend on your windows.