Choosing a Music Stand Light That Will Enhance Your Performance Experience

There is so much that goes into making a music performance a success. Some of these include music stand, music chairs, stand accessories and so much more. But one important thing that is often overlooked is the music stand light. There are a number of things you need to consider when choosing a music stand light.

The width

The width of the light matters because different music stands is meant for different scores of music. For instance, the conductors’ stands are often wider than instrumentalists’ stands. Therefore, lights that are intended for use on the conductor’s stand or on a piano should be wider.

The cut-off

You need a music stand light that illuminates the whole page but does not let any light escape from the music stand. If the light does not cover the whole page, you will have trouble reading some parts of the page, especially the bottom. The Duo Clip-on Light is a good option because of the excellent cut-off.

Battery life

This is yet another important consideration to make. No one wants to be on stage performing only for the light to go off right in the middle of the performance. That is why you need a music stand light that has a long battery life. The Apollo Light, the Star Light, Duo Opera Light, Trio Opera Light and Trio Clip-on Light are some of the lights that have good battery life.


When choosing a music stand light, you also need to consider the conditions in which you will be performing. And since you will be performing in different places, the more versatile the light you choose, the better for you. With all these in mind, you should have a very easy time shopping for a music stand light that meets your needs.