Gravity Conveyor

A gravity conveyor is one of the simplest conveyor belt systems in the market. Unlike others which use motors and gears to move items, a gravity conveyor uses an incline to provide energy to move items from one point to another, or they can be moved manually. These conveyors are chosen because they come with several important benefits. The first is that they are light and easy to install. They don’t come with any specialized parts which means that you can have your gravity conveyor up and moving in very little time.
The other benefit of gravity conveyors is that they can be used in any manufacturing and packaging process. You they are used in many different areas, from construction to packaging, and the people who are on the conveyor line do not need any special skills pr training. All you need to do is get the conveyor up and running and you are good to go.
The other benefit of a gravity conveyor is that it is highly affordable. Because these systems are light and easy to install they tend to be cheaper than other types of conveyor belts. They are also chosen because they require very little maintenance since they don’t have many moving parts.
If you want a conveyor belt that will last a long time a gravity conveyor is a good idea. Since it doesn’t have a motor and gears -small parts which tend to break down often and require replacement – these systems tend to go for many years without breaking down.
While gravity conveyors are highly reliable and affordable they should be chosen with care because not all of them are the same. You should choose a conveyor that has a strong enough belt. You can try those from Performance Conveyor Belting – they are experts in conveyor belts and can provide what you need.