How to waterproof fabric

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Waterproof Fabric

Waterproofing fabric is ultimately a nice way of prolonging its lifespan and luster. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to waterproof a fabric:

Clean the fabric

This is important for eliminating dirt and dust. Just in case the fabric isn’t washable, clean it using a soft brush or vacuum it using a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a specially-formulated cleaner to clean the fabric. Also ensure the fabric is completely dry before you begin waterproofing it.

Get an effective waterproofing spray

You can easily find one from a local camping or outdoor store.   The choice of the waterproofing spray should be made depending on the type of fabric you intend to waterproof. If you are going to waterproof breathable fabric or any other light fabric, pick a waterproofing spray that isn’t too harsh for the fabric. Again, purchase a spray that offers UV protection if the fabric you intend to waterproof will be in the sun for a long time. This is essential for protecting the fabric against fading.

Spray the fabric with the waterproofing spray

Spread the fabric and then spray the waterproofing spray onto it. Leave the spray to dry prior to applying a second coat of the spray onto the fabric.

Apply a seam sealer to the seams

Apply a high quality seam sealer to the seams of your fabric using a brush or any other application tool. The seam sealer will make the seams of your fabric extra durable and prevent water from getting inside the fabric.

Undoubtedly, waterproofing your fabric can significantly prolong its lifespan and make it retain its authentic luster.  Waterproofing fabric is actually an easy process that you can easily do on your own. The process can be much easier particularly now that you are already familiar with how to go about waterproofing your fabric.