Photo etching brass

The photo chemical machining (PCM) better known as the photo etching process is a method of manufacturing high-quality parts and components for businesses and industries through the use of flat sheet metals. Photo etching utilizes a broad range of metals including molybdenum, silver, nickel, stainless steel and brass just to mention a few. The type of metal and thickness used depends on the accuracy required for the process in progress.

Photo etching of brass gets extensively used in industries. Brass is a metal alloy composed of copper and zinc. The process is begun by designing the brass sheet. Once designed, it is cleaned and covered with Ultraviolet sensitive photo resist before it is printed. The brass sheet is then run through a chemical bath through ferric chloride to make it suitable for the etching process. Finally, any remaining photo-resist and chemicals are removed, and professionals approve it. After the etching process, the brass sheet retains its properties. Throughout the whole process, the needs of the customers are put into consideration to ensure satisfaction of the end result.

Brass has a bronzed appearance which makes it suitable for art, decorations, jewelry and screening cans.  Besides that, brass has low friction which is ideal for making doorknobs, locks, and valves and also various musical instruments.

The photo etching process is very efficient for it provides the high-quality components which are incredibly precise, have minimal errors, are cost effective and are produced within a short timescale.

At Qualitetch, the photo etching process is done by professionals for the excellence in the results. Each process in the etching is carefully carried out and with precision. Apart from production of the etched metal sheets, Qualitetch also delivers the products to the industries and businesses which require them quite quick and efficiently. They aim at customer satisfaction through their unbeatable services.