VDI for Small Business

VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, is not something that many small business owners are keen to implement; they worry that it is complicated and may slow down things. You shouldn’t be afraid of VDI – if you find the right vendor they can implement it for you and you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:
• You will get much better support if you have VDI. One of the things that VDI will do for you is centralize data so that all your employees can access data it as and when needed. This means that whenever there are updates they are done on a server rather than on individual computers which is a time consuming process. Problems that afflict more than on station are also easily solved.
• It is easier to strengthen the security of your systems with VDI. By having a single network, rather than many individual ones you will be able to block malicious threats much better. If there are problems at individual problems they can be tracked down and dealt with more efficiently.
• Another benefit of VDI is that remote centre operations failures do not affect the whole system. If there is a failure in one of your branches it will be limited to that branch alone and the rest can keep working as usual.
• Transitions are much easier. Imagine you open a new branch in a remote location – setting up a network location for that office alone can take weeks, but if you have everything sitting on a central server all it takes for everyone is to simply plug-in their computers – all the software and data that they need is ready and available.
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