Why Choose Best Schools in Hertfordshire


When choosing a prep schools in Hertfordshire, the critical question to ask yourself is: would my son or daughter fit in there? Of course, there are many aspects to take into considerations. For example, do the teachers and children in that school look happy? Also talk to parents who have children in that school.

Check out Ofsted reports and League tables to help you grasp the broader picture about a school. Talk to teachers and the management, asking as many questions as necessary. If you have any lingering doubts, don’t fear to ask. After all, it is the future of your child at stake.

Other issues to look into include:

All-Round Development

The best schools know that education is not simply academic excellence. It encompasses the breadth of experience gained from a wide ranging and strong extra-curricular programmes. The best class teaching stands to benefit from all-round development offered by first-class sporting facilities, music and dance as well as art and drama.

Exceptional Sports Activities

Improved academic performance is closely connected to high fitness levels. When your child joins a good school, he or she is expected to be actively involved in some school sport. This nurtures potential in students as talent coaches can help in identifying hidden abilities in your child. In order to meet expectations, these schools have invested greatly in a broad range of sporting facilities.

Special Events

To complement the academic and sporting activities, these top schools also promote special events that build other aspects of the students. These can include tours, excursions, and cultural activities-all meant to expose students to diverse aspects of life.


The best schools in Hertfordshire do more than simply focusing on outstanding examination passes. These schools also seek to grow the whole child. A critical component of the educational experience taking place in Hertfordshire is what also happens outside the classroom. This is where opportunities for character-building are provided.