Put Your Bucket List in Your Rock Notebook

After buying a rock notebook from Bark and Rock, you will think long and hard about what you could possibly put in there. One of things that you would want to put in there would be your bucket list or things that you will want to accomplish in life. Perhaps, one of the most common things that people put in their bucket list would be doing things that you would always be afraid of like skydiving and trekking in the mountains. Of course, those things will take a lot out of you. It can even be simple stuff like eating street food. It would be understandable for each person to have a different set of items in your bucket list since everyone is just too different from one another. It is possible one person’s bucket list would consist of a lot of things he would want to do in his business. There is really nobody who can dictate you from making your own list. Like they say, to each his own so you should really just concentrate on what you write down. It is even possible to get some items out of your list when you don’t really feel like doing it. Nobody can stop you from doing that since it is your list. It is possible ten years from now the list has grown to a point that you won’t really know how to do all of them.

When you do one of the items in your bucket list, then you can tick that out of your rock notebook then proceed to other things. As years pass by, the items on that list can increase. However, you don’t really feel the need to get pressured into doing all that stuff if you are not financially capable to do them. You can just let them stay there for a while until you think you are ready to go. It can take months or even years to complete the list which would remind you about that movie where a couple of old guys thought they were dying so they decided to do things on their bucket list. Aside from a bucket list, you can also draw each one if you like to make caricatures of stuff. There really is no need to do that if you don’t feel like it. If you are in the mood to do it, then there is nothing stopping you from doing so. Besides, you would want to make it a serious one so you will really feel like doing those things when you get the chance to. For example, you will want to go to a country that is hundreds of miles away from you. The truth is you should take good care of your rock notebook so you will still see your list long after you made it. A lot of things will change and your attitude will too and a lot of people will come and go in your life so just live with it.