Italian Cheese Course

You are opening your own dairy and one of the things you would like to be able to provide for your clients is Italian cheese. Real Italian cheese is highly coveted but rare – most of the stuff that is sold in shops isn’t quite the real deal. If you find real Italian cheese it is usually very expensive, more than most people are willing to pay for. If you learn how to make your own cheese you can provide it to your clients at a reasonable cost and make some good money in the process.
Learning how to make proper Italian cheese is only possible if you go the real masters. It is a craft that is passed down from one family member to another. You can, however, learn the craft if you visit these masters in their own workshops. The process is simple. All you need to do is find a tour company that organizes classes for its clients – you will have some time to tour and see all the wonders that Italy has to offer, but at some point you will take a few days off and take a cheese making class.
These classes are taught by the artisans themselves and since the class sizes don’t have more than 10 people you will be able to get individualized training. You will start your classes by observing the artisans at work, after which you will learn the theory of making cheese. Once you understand about the ingredients and the process you can then get into the practical aspects of the course. You will be provided with all ingredients and appliances.
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Learn to Make Gelato in Italy

Gelato making is on your itinerary for your trip to Italy and you are wondering whether it will be worth your time or whether you will be better off spending time on other wonders that this wonderful country has to offer. Ice cream and gelato making have long been a part of Italy’s tradition and they are now taught in a few locations. In fact, there is a Gelato University where you can take short or long courses depending on how much you want to learn and what you plan to do with your knowledge afterwards.
If you have the opportunity to learn how to make ice cream in Italy you shouldn’t pass it up and here is why:
•    You will learn how to make ice cream and gelato the way it is supposed to be made. You may think that you have eaten truly delicious ice cream but when you taste the treats that Italy has to offer you will realize that you cannot get them in other parts of the world. What if you could learn how to make them right in your home?
•    You will learn from the best. Ice cream and gelato making courses, including those that are taught at the Gelato University are taught by the top professionals in the world. They will take you through the step by step process – what the basic ingredients are, how to mix them for best results, how to make some of the most common recipes and a few rare ones as well and also how to get creative in your kitchen.
•    You get to learn using nothing but fresh ingredients that are sourced from farmers around the country.
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